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Port Decanter

Most port wine needs to be decanted in order to remove any crust and particles from the wine, and to let the wine aerate and allow the flavors to develop.


The best way to do this is to stand the bottle up for a time, to allow the sediment to settle to the bottom of the bottle. Then, take a funnel, a filter, and pour into a port decanter.


A wine aficionado would probably use a crystal port wine decanter so that they can easily see the wine inside. Usually, a port decanter will have a wide base and a shorter neck. They are made like this to allow oxygen to mix with the wine, which allows the flavors to develop much faster. Any decanter can be used for port wine, however.


A traditional way to serve a fine port wine is with a Hoggit decanter. These are round on the bottom, with a base that can either be wooden or silver.


The host of the party fills the glass of the person on their right, and then passes the port decanter to the person on their left. The decanter goes around the table, and it always makes its way back to the base. Due to its rounded bottom, it can’t be set down anywhere else. 


It’s also considered bad taste to ask for a refill or to grab the port wine decanter. If the bottle hasn’t made its way around to you, ask the person nearest to it to hand it to you. Also, the whole decanter of port wine should be drunk at one sitting, with no one leaving until it’s all gone. 


Like any wine decanter, a port decanter can be made of crystal (either leaded or nonleaded) or glass. Port wine decanters come in many sizes. and in a variety of price points. The most expensive decanter isn’t always the best one, so make your purchase carefully.



Orbital port decanters allow the wine to breathe without disturbing any sediment. They are a great way to add sophistication to your table setting or bar area without spending a lot of money. 


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The video above presents one view of how to decant port wine.


Port wine is not just a drink pulled out a wine cooler for the rich and famous, it’s meant to be shared with family and friends, and like any good wine, presentation is everything. Any wine seems to taste better when it’s served in elegant glassware, and port is a wine meant to be enjoyed by everyone. No matter what kind of port you choose, you should serve it in a port decanter. 


For your convenience, we have included pictures of several port decanter options on this site, as well as a video which discusses the proper approach to decanting port wine. Have a look!


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